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[Segmentation] 3D Interpolation Show-Position-Nodes not updating sometimes
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After a few slices across a 3D image are annotated eg. using Add tool, we can start interpolation. Once preview interpolation is generated, the slices based on which the interpolation as generated can be seen using option Show Position Nodes.
However, when an annotation on a slice is erased eg. using Subtract tool, it is not removed from Data Manager even though interpolation contours immediately reflects this change.
Unchecking and Checking the checkbox again doesn't update the position nodes. The slice which initially had an annotation remains as a ghost

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I don't see a good way to handle this differently. Discerning if a slice has become obsolete would be very hard, especially since it's in 3D and the slice could be intersected by a segmented slice of a different orientation. The position node remaining does not seem like a problem to me, so I would vote to close as Invalid or Wontfix.

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Yes, as far as I know this does not lead to any problems, right? It would be possible to iterate through the slice and check for any remains each time the slice has been updates, but I guess it would be too much at the current state.