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Changed in order to have wireframe+surface and Added function Set Point Size
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In the patch there are also the modifications already done for the diffuse and ambient colors

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There is no patch attached. Could you also please provide more information which problem is solved by the patch or which new feature is introduced?

Added an option to display a surface mesh with Surface representation and Wireframe representation at the same time.
Added a property to change the point size of the Points representation
Changed material property to split ColorCoefficient into AmbientCoefficient and DiffuseCoefficient to allow display surfaces like other standard tools

Markus, could you please have a look at this and comment?

the modifications for separate diffuse and ambient colors are already committed,

and i dont want to include the new "wireframe+surface" mode, since i need to review its implementation. allocating an extra vtkPolyDataMapper for each surface seems for me too expensive for an seldom used feature.

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