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Crash on creating a new segmentation
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Segmentation Module crashes when creating a new segmentation and using a name not in the prepared list. Example: "asdf" (without quotes).

Crash occurs on QmitkSegmnetationView line 324, when calling dialog->GetSegmentationName(); This has recently been changed from "return edtName->text.ascii()" to "return edtName->text().toLocal8Bit().constData()"

This seems not to work on Win32, Qt 4.6.0.

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Anja, could you please look into this? I guess you know the name entry dialog best.

Seems to be a Debug problem. Occours only under debug mode (32 and 64bit)...

[SVN revision 21094]
FIX (#3232): store new segmentation name in a member; calling our own slot after clicking ok; now using a pointer for the dialog object

Works now and tested for Windows 32/64 bit Debug and Release mode. It seems that Qt destroyed the return value of the byte array. Now we return a std::string which is copied...