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Insight surgery meta bug
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This bug will be used for every commit that is associated with the insight surgery module. This includes the bundle itself, the inside out tracking module and all relevant test/experimental modules.

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[SVN revision 22686]
FIX (#3262): changed OPENCV_DIR --> OpenCV_DIR to avoid CMake Config-Errors

[SVN revision 22748]
ENH (#3262): Added pointset transform from surface matching, moved CameraCalibrator to module, created a ToPicConverter for reading various images and convert them to pic files, added an objectobserver class to save time when itk or vtk objects should be observed

[SVN revision 22749]
COMP (#3262): Corrected variable naming

[SVN revision 22753]
COMP (#3262): QmitkCameraCalibration readded to cmake files

[SVN revision 22760]
ADD (#3262): ToPicConverter working. Changes for including VideoInputLib

[SVN revision 24218]
ENH (#3262): Added a generic set for listening to itk::Object modified and delete events in an easy way

[SVN revision 24219]
ENH (#3262): Added the possibility to select different bounding objects in image cropper. Added possibility to create a segmentation from a surface in segmentation bundle

[SVN revision 24220]
ENH (#3262): better exception handling in file chooser dialog

[SVN revision 24222]
ENH (#3262): Added a generic interface for OpenCVImage sources and let OpenCVVideoSource inherit from that interface

[SVN revision 24223]
ENH (#3262): added working calibration algorithm, added first version of hand eye calibration, added lot of useless files

[SVN revision 24224]
ENH (#3262): Added apply transformation function in surface measurement view. adapted camera calibration (not finished yet)

[SVN revision 24227]
ENH (#3262): Added forgotten files

[SVN revision 24229]
ENH (#3262): Added small tools for endotracking

[SVN revision 24235]
COMP (#3262): Removing Windows Errors

[SVN revision 24236]
COMP (#3262): Removing use of QMargins class as it was first introduced in qt 4.6

[SVN revision 24265]
ENH (#3262): Added small tool for recording video and navigation data simultaneously for hand eye calibration

[SVN revision 24373]
ENH (#3262): Adding new NDataSequential player which plays NDs from an xml file in their sequential order without caring about timestamps

[SVN revision 24504]
ENH (#3262): code enhancement in undistort image and opencvvideosource. finished test apps for hand eye calibration. normal camera calibration now working fine, hand eye calibration still gives crap

[SVN revision 24566]
ENH (#3262): Added a modified version of Hand Eye calibration (code reviewed), has to be tested. completed work on mitk transform.

[SVN revision 24567]
COMP (#3262): Windows DLL fixes, HandEye Calibration enhancement, still high reprojection error, but no completely senseless values anymore. class skeleton for olique view calibration

[SVN revision 24570]
ENH (#3262): Solving linear system trials in HandEyeCalibration, still not working, even with openCV functions

[SVN revision 24615]
ENH (#3262): Added HSVMarker and HSVMarkerSet classes, CvImageReader now inherits from OpenCVVideoSource, added unfinished small app for AR testing purposes

[SVN revision 24655]
FIX (#3262): Fixed error with Navigation Data which were not copied, only referenced. therefore hand eye calibration always dealt with the same Navigation Datas. Still strange values in calibration

[SVN revision 24656]
FIX (#3262): further work, reduced reprojection error.

[SVN revision 24657]
FIX (#3262): Added export macro

[SVN revision 24660]
ENH (#3262): Added nearly finished version InsideOutTrackingDeviceSource (an IGT-Wrapper to the Inside Out Tracking classes), added an IGT OpenGL Filter which transforms left-handed NavData into Right-handed OpenGL compliant NavigationData

[SVN revision 24661]
FIX (#3262): Further work on hand eye calibration, fixed string compare errors in FromXML methods

[SVN revision 24663]
FIX (#3262): Further work on hand eye calibration

[SVN revision 24664]
FIX (#3262): some test calculations

[SVN revision 24666]
ENH (#3262): Added data validation for NavData and frame recording

[SVN revision 24667]
ENH (#3262): Added lab export support to HandEyeCalibration

[SVN revision 24670]
COMP (#3262): Added missing fstream include

[SVN revision 24672]
ENH (#3262): Added possibility to specify video record parameters from xml file

[SVN revision 24675]
ENH (#3262): Added sample function in MySandboxApp on how to record a lagarith movie with opencv (works fine)

[SVN revision 24682]
ENH (#3262): Improved HandEye Calibration, first version of hand eye calibration with dual quaternions. added possibility to read camera instrinsics from gml files.

[SVN revision 24713]
ENH (#3262): added polynomial roots finder in HandEyeCalibration

[SVN revision 24714]
ENH (#3262): further tests for hand eye calibration (mitk::Transform has now methods to be exported to csv files)

[SVN revision 24715]
ENH (#3262): added a better interface to hand eye calibration,especially for data preselection before computation of the hand eye Transform

[SVN revision 24797]
ENH (#3262): Finished implementation of Dual Quaternion Hand Eye transform (not tested yet)
Finished skeleton for oblique view calibration
Some more conversion methos in mitkTransform (TODO: Full unit test for the class)

[SVN revision 24798]
FIX (#3262): Added createhandeyedata small app

[SVN revision 24799]
FIX (#3262): Cleared CreateHandEyeData small app (not implemented yet)

[SVN revision 24800]
ENH (#3262): Qblique view endoscope nearly finished

[SVN revision 24801]
COMP (#3262): Added missing windows include

[SVN revision 24825]
ENH (#3262): Added additional transform concatenation for final reprojection (grid -> world -> cam)

[SVN revision 24826]
ENH (#3262): adapted test mini apps to changed reprojection interface

[SVN revision 24829]
ENH (#3262): added reprojection standalone tool

[SVN revision 24904]
FIX (#3262): HandEye Calibration finally working. Fixed XML reading of navigation datas. Tidied up in mitkCameraMarkerSegmentationControllerBase. TODO: write tests for those great classes

[SVN revision 24961]
ENH (#3262): Added method for an average board to world transform in HandEye Calibration. Added hybrid tracking logic in HandEyeCalibrationTest (may be used like that later)

[SVN revision 24964]
ENH (#3262): some further tests with hand eye calibration

[SVN revision 25027]
ENH (#3262): Removing moves with low camera rotation angles before doing hand eye calibration

[SVN revision 25205]
CHG (#3262): changes due to integration of ITK 3.20

[SVN revision 25206]
CHG (#3262): changes due to integration of ITK 3.20

[SVN revision 25241]
ENH (#3262): added MiniApps architecture for improved command line handling.
added additional testing data
added StationPlayer and Recorder for playing and recording chessboard images along with optical tool tracking data
some minor fixes and refactoring in mitk::Transform

[SVN revision 25243]
COMP (#3262): Fixing Windows errors. adding test stubs

[SVN revision 25255]
ENH (#3262): Finished tests for station player and recorder

[SVN revision 25258]
ENH (#3262): enhanced navi data player test

[SVN revision 25294]
ENH (#3262): Finished PoseEstimationController tests, object points and HSVMarkerSet

[SVN revision 25295]
COMP (#3262): fixed dll export windows errors
found critical bug in pose estimation (image points must be flipped to have a correct pose)

[SVN revision 25296]
COMP (#3262): removing vtkMatrix memory leaks

[SVN revision 25298]
COMP (#3262): removed further VTK memory leaks

[SVN revision 25299]
COMP (#3262): adapting confidence threshold for pose estimation. pose calculated on windows differs slightly more than different runs on ubuntu differ from each other

[SVN revision 25300]
COMP (#3262): get rid of copy and paste error

[SVN revision 25301]
COMP (#3262): deactivating tests. windows results very different from those on ubuntu. has to be further inspected

[SVN revision 25303]
COMP (#3262): deactivating tests for further inspection. added a class for synchronized video and navi data recording (not tested yet)

[SVN revision 25304]
COMP (#3262): added return value to thread functions

[SVN revision 25311]
COMP (#3262): Finished SynchedVideoAndNavigationDataSource class. may be tested now

[SVN revision 25328]
ENH (#3262): Finished work on SynchedVideoAndNavigationDataSource

[SVN revision 25329]
COMP (#3262): Removing escape sequence error

[SVN revision 25336]
COMP (#3262): fixing station recorder flushing behaviour. no unnecessary flushing anymore

[SVN revision 25338]
COMP (#3262): Threads in SyncVideoAndNavData class now fetch frames decoupled from main thread. video images are 2 frames behind navigation data (constant)

[SVN revision 25498]
ENH (#3262): various bugfixes, finished IGT pipeline classes for inside out tracking (tested)

[SVN revision 25499]
COMP (#3262): adapted hsvmarkersettest to changed interface of colormarkertype

[SVN revision 25500]
COMP (#3262): removed flipping of images in test

[SVN revision 25501]
COMP (#3262): fixed windows variable naming

[SVN revision 25503]
COMP (#3262): removing windows dll export errors

[SVN revision 25743]
ENH (#3262): added a class for temporal calibration which makes use of hand eye calibration. Made mitk::CameraIntrinsics, CameraCalibration and HandEyeCalibration thread safe

[SVN revision 25749]
COMP (#3262): some bugfixes, NDITrackingDeviceFactory to load params from XML for NDI tracking, HSVMarkerEditor for visual marker creation

[SVN revision 25750]
COMP (#3262): removing Windows export errors

[SVN revision 25778]
FIX (#3262): Fixed assigment operator in mitk::Set, finished class for general opencv threaded image processing

[SVN revision 25847]
FIX (#3262): added some widgets for the final gui.
therefore, moved hotkey line edit to QmitkExt.
fixed the error with the return value of threadedposeestimation
a lot of code for fixing the offset error with HD material, added a vtk standalone app for a mitk-less rendering of an AR scene

[SVN revision 25848]
COMP (#3262): fixing windows empty meta object error

[SVN revision 25849]
COMP (#3262): removed trouble maker slot again

[SVN revision 25850]
COMP (#3262): exchanging include directive from local "QmitkHotkeyLineEdit.h" to <QmitkHotkeyLineEdit.h> to avoid unresolved external symbol error ?!?

[SVN revision 25851]
COMP (#3262): added modified version of hsvmarkersegmentation. retriggering windows dartclient

Some issues concerning hand-eye calibration classes

  • definition of object points in mitk::HandEyeCalibration::AddStation() and mitk::PointReprojection::SetChessboardImage() (x*size, y*size)
  • Initialization of (2,2) value of camera matrix in CameraIntrinsics::FromXML() (should be 1)
  • Crash in HandEyeCalibration::CreateMoves() when deleting some index from m_EyeMoves

see attached patch

Some fixes for hand eye calibration

[SVN revision 26958]
FIX (#3262): removing possible error in undistorsion class

[SVN revision 27166]
FIX (#3262): added first (maybe buggy version) of final gui, moved miniapps to module directory completely, reworked cmake files, deleted unnecessary files

[SVN revision 27167]
COMP (#3262): removing linux smart pointer casting errors and wrong includes

[SVN revision 27191]
FIX (#3262): fixing dll import errors for endotracking miniapps

[SVN revision 29300]
FIX (#3262): refactored endotracking code: moved unused or deprecated classes to Deprecated folder. Organized the rest of the code in meaningful subdirectories, e.g. Calibration, Tracking, IO, etc. Bundle InsightSurgery is deactivated temporarily.

[SVN revision 29304]
COMP (#3262): deactivating InsightSurgery bundle, removing wrong header includes

[SVN revision 29312]
COMP (#3262): Fixing changed API errors

[SVN revision 29337]
COMP (#3262): triggering dartclients on repaired MySQL database

[SVN revision 29338]
COMP (#3262): deactivating mitkSetTest. fails somehow on windows, has to be examined later

closing meta bug, different bugs open for endotracking

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"