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MovieMaker S/T relation does not work
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Load US4DCyl.pic.gz, activate MovieMaker.
Select Window 3D to record, select combined playing option. Set s/t relation to 1, write movie.
Set s/t relation to 10, write movie.

Expected behaviour:
In one of the two videos the crosshair should rotate faster or longer than in the other.

Actual behaviour:
Both videos are identical.

Could be connected to:
The manual states, that
"Although stepping speed is a total time in sec., this can not always be achieved. As a minimal frame rate of 25 fps is assumed to provide smooth movies, a dataset with only 25 slices will always be stepped through in 1 sec or faster."
It is not mentioned if this affects timesteps as well, but it should not anyway, as more than 25 timesteps is a lot.

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