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Make MITK compatible with VTK 5.6
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MITK should compile and work with the upcoming VTK release 5.6

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With the attached patch mitk will compile with VTK 5.6. The dart clients run without errors and pass all tests.

BUT the imageStatisticsView seems to crash with the applied patch. Next bug squashing we will take a lot at this.

[SVN revision 22205]
FIX (#3493): removing unnecessary code for VTK 5.6 compatibility

The release version of VTK 5.6.0 has a changed interface in vtkImageReader::SetDataMask().

In pic2vtk.cpp (line 977) the call of this method has a hard coded hex value (0xffff). This caused an linker error. I changed this to VTK_UNSIGNED_LONG_MAX and everthing works fine for me now.

Moved the x32 vtk 5.6 binaries for QT 4.5.3 and Qt 4.6.2 to toolkits folder, dartclients with vtk 5.6 for internal and external part of MITK run without further problems (e.g. MBI037).
Bug closed!