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Text overlay is not displayed correctly in the render window
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... or not at all.
To reproduce:
Segment anything using ShapeBasedSegmentation.
The Volume should be displayed near the segmentation.

Should be the same for anything else using text overlay.

There is also a memory leak in text display (T3651), which is hard to test because one cannot be sure if text is displayed at all.

Mathias, do you have time next Wednesday?

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In ImageMapper2D: Volume text overlay is placed incorrect.
This is because of a wrong geometry calculation.

Tobi, could you please open a new bug for a unit test on text rendering? Once we have a way to store lots of test images, we can reuse VTK helper classes for difference image calculation --> mapper tests.

Annotation display is completely redesigned by Markus Engel in the Moment.
See T1426 for details. Testing will be created whith that.

[SVN revision 22544]
FIX (#3671): Move text display to center