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Add option for displaying annotations
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It would be helpful to have an option for adding an annotation at specific positions in space, e.g. for labeling portions of a dataset

This could be realized with properties which are added to the respective dataset

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Added basic methods to implement this via properties (mitk::AnnotationProperty)


Basic requirements are implemented... setting bug to fixed

Newly discovered bug: The current implementation uses ConcatenatePropertyList to combine global and renderer specific property lists to check for AnnotationProperty objects. This causes properties to be overwritten unintendedly, since ConcatenatePropertyList uses pointers for Properties instead of deep copies.

Changed implementation: instead of using ConcatenatePropertyList(), both global and renderer specific property lists are now iterated over.


New bug: Annotation is sometimes rendered tilted (should be horizontal always...)

Relocate bug to MITK / Rendering

Markus, these ideas / first implementations could be worth a look for designing the new overlay/annotation framework.

Resetting all bugs without active assignee flag to "CONFIRMED". Change status to IN_PROGRESS if you are working on it.

Mathias what is the current status here? Do we have any working annotations inside MITK? Markus and I did not see them, yet in action. Or is this still a feature request?

This may be related to your platform project, Christoph?

Christoph, can you have a look at it? Is it a duplicate bug of one of yours? Or are there new aspects and you can extract them into new bugs and close this old one.

I think that this bug is related to the Overlay framework, but not a duplicate. If I get this right, the point was to create a custom property that could be set to any mitkDataNode in order to inform the vtkMapper to create a TextAnnotation that is rendered together with the actual object.

For example, if an mitk::PointSet was given a set of AnnotationProperties, the PointSet Mapper would parse each of the AnnotationProperties and respectively create a vtkFollower with a TextActor and set it to the specified Position.

Anyway, the code that parses the AnnotationProperties was in mitkBaseVtkMapper3D.cpp which does not exist anymore. Therefore the AnnotationProperty is now absolutely pointless!

  • can anyone confirm this? Mathias? Ingmar?

This is actually a nice idea in my opinion and should be considered to be reimplemented.
I will not close this bug until it was discussed in an mitk-meeting.

An Overlay which is especially planned to display the content of a property is planned in the context of T15104.
The AnnotationProperty should either be deleted or used as an addition to the Overlay framework.

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