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On loading image, MITK crashes in OpenGLTextureMapper3D
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On loading an image file (ie. *.hdwi, *.mhd) the application freezes in class
" vtkMitkOpenGLVolumeTextureMapper3D::Initialize*( ) "
on calling
" int supports_texture3D=extensions->ExtensionSupported( "GL_VERSION_1_2" ); "
last console output in this case: " Program received signal: “EXC_BAD_ACCESS”. "

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re-assign to MacOS specialist.

in discussion with osx-experts error occours above vtk version 5.4+. for newer versions vtk offers a patch for this issue (;a=commitdiff;h=ee8ba219cf4989f27cf62fd45ebffcc93a71699a;hp=99313127e79e70ad2b3fd1d0ed095d887d2ad515#patch4 )

just adapted this patch to vtkMitkOpenGLVolumeTextureMapper3D, should work now.

Current System Specification:
OSX 10.6.4
ITK 3.20.0
VTK 5.6.1
Qt 4.7.0

vtkMitkOpenGLVolumeTextureMapper3D was incompatible to OpenGLExtensions in VTK 5.6,
it requires now a vtkRenderWindow.

Commiting a fix for it

[SVN revision 26575]
FIX (#5607): fix vtk OpenGLTextureMapper3D

All fixes up to rev 26862 (22.10.10) were merged to the 3M-3_1 branch. Please
contact Markus E. if you commited more fixes to this bug afterwards.

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"