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Clipboard for slices
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I need the option: copy to next/previous slice, I used it in more than 100 segmented prostates...

a bug I recognized in old ERIS:
when I scrolled to the next slice, before copying the slice is possible, I have to click in the dataset-screen. This is gratuitous...


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Ivo proposed a kind of clipboard solution. This way, one could copy a segmentation result to the next slice via copy/paste.

Alternatively, a better solution than copying slices is to segment the relevant slices, and use the interpolation feature to generate segmentation results for intermediate slices.

ReLiver Sitzung 08.11.07: wird auf Version 1.2 geschoben.

Changing product, should be solved together with all those conceptual bugs

  • not relevant for Reliver
  • nobody asks for this feature anymore
  • Marco proposed a much better solution

> I'll close this bug

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