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renderwindowmenu on osx not usable
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renderwindowmenu items are visible but on trying to select an option within the menu, menu disappears.

Event Timeline

[SVN revision 27673]
ENH (#5917): renderwindow will work on OSX, fading of renderwindow disabled, change in hide-renderwindow behavior

[SVN revision 27693]
FIX (#5917): fixed wrong enabled mbilog debug messages

Recent changes


have problematic effects:

  • calling HideRenderWindowMenu() has no effect anymore! This breaks applications.
  • MITK_DEBUG messages that seem very temporary

Besides that the file has lots of commented code which can probably be removed. With Subversion you don't need to comment out much because you can restore older versions easily.

[SVN revision 27715]
FIX (#5917): Bugfix for correct representation of switching between RenderWindowLayouts