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"Active" Flags in properties cause trouble
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  • Load an image in the datamanager.
  • Set the "active" flag for the property "visible" to false
  • Close Project

--> MITK crashes

The cause: When closing a project, QmitkCloseProjectAction::Run() is called. Sometime later it comes down to mitk::LevelWindowManager::DataStorageRemovedNode( const mitk::DataNode* removedNode ). In that function (mitkLevelWindowManager.cpp line 217)
it->Value()->GetProperty("visible")->AddObserver( .. is called, while GetProperty("visible") is returning null and cannot be dereferenced.

Also: when you save the project or a single datanode, the status of the "active" flags of the properties are not saved.

Event Timeline

The "Active" mechanism gets removed (see T8131). That probably has impact on this bug. Added a dependency.

Should we then change the status of this bug to invalid or at least assign it to you Stefan?

Since the property behavior is going to be changed soon. We should reconsider this bug later, after the change.

Since the "active" flag has been removed the bug has no effect anymore.

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