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Remove last remains of .pic support


Remove last remains of .pic support

Resolves T28737.

  • Remove obsolete build files of IpPic and IpFunc
  • Remove or replace mentions of .pic with .nrrd in documentation
  • Remove deprecated IpPicSupportIO module
  • Remove all references to .pic from code and use .nrrd files instead
  • Remove dangling test cpp file

This Diff only removes deprecated functionality and is the last step of a project that was started over 10 years ago but never finished.

After this Diff is landed, the last remaining .pic files in rMD MITK-Data should be removed (T13958).

API-breaking changes

The deprecated utility libraries MitkIpPic, MitkIpFunc, and MitkIpSegmentation were removed without any replacement.

Migration guide

The bool correctionForIpSegmentation and bool constrainToInside parameters of the two methods ProjectContourTo2DSlice() and BackProjectContourFrom2DSlice() - implemented in the following three classes - were removed, as they were and are unused. To migrate, simply remove these boolean values from any call to the mentioned methods of the classes:

  • mitk::ContourModelUtils
  • mitk::ContourUtils
  • mitk::FeedbackContourTools
NOTE: If you still have files around in the DKFZ-internal legacy image file format .pic, convert them to an image format like .nrrd with the MitkFileConverter command-line app of the MITK v2021.02 release or earlier.

Test Plan: - Run unit tests (make sure to pull the latest commit in MITK-Data)

Reviewers: floca, O1 MITK Reviewer Group I, O3 MITK Reviewer Group II

Reviewed By: floca, O1 MITK Reviewer Group I, O3 MITK Reviewer Group II

Tags: Breaking Change

Maniphest Tasks: T28737

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.mitk.org/D555


kislinskAuthored on Thu, Oct 14, 3:53 PM
kislinskPushed on Thu, Oct 14, 4:39 PM
O1: MITK Reviewer Group I
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rMITK20777f8400b8: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28740-CIBuildStatusBadges' into develop
rMITKd0d4142becfe: Remove unused parameters
T28737: Remove last remains of .pic support