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2021 Week 42 (Late October)
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rMITKc21b8e921135: Merge branch 'master' into develop
rMITKb9ba2c417b2c: Do not set the interaction scheme
rMITK9b321258b872: Provide a link to the concentration curve converter view documentation.
rMITK5cedc6d63a5d: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28739-UpdateSupportedTier1Platforms' into develop
rMITK20777f8400b8: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28740-CIBuildStatusBadges' into develop
rMITK8b0f5727d844: Remove last remains of .pic support
rMITK72ff7df7b66d: Show different time points of data in MxNMultiWidget
rMITK8770978862e2: Use semantically correct minimum for value range in region growing preview
rMITK2272fee949e5: Cherry-picked old changes: PACS-mouse-mode-with-mouse-wheel-scrolling
rMITKa3f148c69278: Do not use empty filepath as event config
rMITK15955aa5ec8f: Send active render window
rMITKf5a5be1edde0: Prevent auto repeat mode from infinite loop
rMITK2721496a782c: Use override specifier
rMITKc051ab3b0b7a: First refactoring of both the QmitkSegmentationView and the…
rMITK272b664745e2: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28749-libxdamage' into develop
T24358: Rework QmitkMouseModeSwitcher
T24635: PACS scroll leads to an infinite loop if no image is loaded
T26486: PACS mouse mode does not allow scrolling with mouse wheel
T26492: [mxn multi widget] Send active render window
T26633: [mxn multi widget] Show different time points of data
T28142: [Segmentation] Remove plugin redundancy with MultiLabelSegmentation
T28667: [Segmentation] Generalize overwriting of interaction configs when using tools
T28732: [Segmentation] 3d region growing does not work with low seed point values
T28737: Remove last remains of .pic support
T28739: Update supported platforms in Tier 1
T28740: Update CI build status badges in README on GitHub
T28743: [mxn multi widget] Warnings due to functions without override specifier
T28749: libxdamage can be a runtime dependence on Ubuntu 20.04

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 18 2021, 9:46 AM
kislinsk created this task.

Deleted branch from rMITK MITK: release/T28750-2021-Week-42.