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T28250 Level window manager update function not consistent


T28250 Level window manager update function not consistent

Clean comments and remove unnecessary comments

Refactor function names and parameters

"ObserverMaps" now correctly reflects the data type.
"DataStorage" and "DataNode" are written out in full and named consistently.

Clean class and function

Remove unnecessary member variables.
Store iterator value for code simplification.

Rename function and invert logic

"IgnoreNode" was renamed to specify the valid cases instead of the invalid ones.
Also, the function was renamed to state the output instead of defining the meaning of that output.
Additionally the function was used inside the "Update"-function, which was missing (as stated in T28250).

Remove "levelwindow"-property check

The property check was removed since the "HasLevelWindowRenderingMode"
function is only used inside a loop of all relevant nodes ("GetRelevantNodes").
In this function only nodes are considered that already have the
"levelwindow" set.

Use "auto" to simplify the code

Use return early to simplify the code structure

Rename vector of data nodes

This member variable was newly introduced for the "SetSelected" mode.
However, the name might be confusing since it's similar to the
There is a difference in both sets of data nodes as the
"GetRelevantNodes"-function returns a filtered subset of the data storage,
whereas the new vector of "Data Nodes for LevelWindow" is a set of relevant
nodes that have been further filtered (e.g. visibility, rendering mode).

Test Plan: manual testing

Reviewers: kislinsk, O1 MITK Reviewer Group I

Reviewed By: kislinsk, O1 MITK Reviewer Group I

Subscribers: kislinsk, kalali

Maniphest Tasks: T28250

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.mitk.org/D490


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T28250: [LevelWindowManager] Different behavior in AutoTopMost case and fallback case