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2021 Week 26 (Very Early July)
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rMITKda43923045ff: Merge branch 'master' into develop
rMITK6bffce5572f5: Update DCMTK to 3.6.6
rMITK121d8b57de63: Update DCMQI to official v1.2.4
rMITKbe464bfe51da: T28250 Level window manager update function not consistent
rMITK540f9ce6f8f4: T28248 Refactor picking tool
rMITK7f30b5b45cee: Update Cmake FAQ in plugins
rMITKa0fecae44195: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28546-macOSCatalina' into develop
rMITKb1c7fb9eda5f: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28546-macOSCatalina-Boost' into develop
rMITK1312ed6fdc85: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into bugfix/T28455-rt-struct-3d…
rMITKf0b8f189c530: Summary: Removed special visibility for 3D render window. It was permanently…
rMITK79b8ddcbb77a: Summary: Renamed "Patient Image" to "Selected Image" in segmentation and…
rMITKc7792db0ca5f: Refactor LevelWindowManagerTest
rMITKa08edb0eab0c: [Segmentation] Respect null labels but do not try to save properties for them
rMITK9aebf1bd21f5: Enable auto node selection
rMITKce406798a0c4: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/T28549…
rMITK22ffff3fe76c: T28549 Clean_up_for_segmentation_refactoring
rMITKe2953332cdd3: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28591-SourceFileExtensions' into develop
rMITKacdd14fb9592: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28591-SourceFileExtensions' into develop
rMITKb43019736082: Speed up "Accept all slices" 2d-interpolations of segmentations
T27498: [Selection widgets] Define default for auto selection / listening mechanism
T28204: Refactor LevelWindowManagerTest
T28248: [Segmentation] Picking 3D Tool creates a 3D segmentation out of a 4D image
T28250: [LevelWindowManager] Different behavior in AutoTopMost case and fallback case
T28455: RT struct 3D visibility is not working correctly
T28546: Fix macOS CI builds
T28591: Git rid of CMake 3.20 developer warnings regarding source files without explicit extensions

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 2 2021, 9:40 AM
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Deleted branch from rMITK MITK: release/T28602-2021-Week-26.

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