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MITK v2021.10
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NOTE: This is a release changelog. It is composed of a selected short list of highlights since the last release MITK v2021.02 - split into dedicated user and developer sections. See the past six changelogs starting from 2021 Week 12 (Late March) for a comprehensive, developer-centric overview of changes.

News for MITK Workbench users

For MITK v2021.10, we focused on making MITK more stable, giving you easy access to the latest bugfixes through officially supported installers.

In particular, we further improved the stability of the segmentation plugins, enabling more tools to work with dynamic images and segmentations, as well as improve performance here and there.

There are a few very nice new features as well of course. For example, your image segmentation workflow should be noticeable more smooth with MITK v2021.10, since we pre-select images and segmentations for you, and do not reset the scene and currently shown slice positions anymore when creating new segmentations.

๐Ÿ’” Known issues

  • DICOM file names/paths with non-ASCII characters (e. g. German umlauts) may fail to load on Windows. Two different workarounds are:
    • Rename the file
    • Switch to the UTF-8 locale of Windows 10 2019-03 or later before starting the MITK Workbench

News for developers


Since MITK v2021.02, we resolved about 180 tasks, resulting in 35+ bug fixes, 16+ features, and 6 inofficial snapshot installers.


The relatively high number of resolved tasks is an indication for upcoming change. Most work was done regarding maintenance, reducing technical dept, and internal preparation for upcoming changes like Python integration, segmentation redesign, or ITK 5.


You may already noticed that the number of API-breaking changes increased. To speed things up, we decided to follow a more agile approach for API-breaking changes. Facilitated by our branching model based on git-flow, we do not deprecate such changes multiple releases in advance anymore. Instead, we apply such changes instantly on the develop branch and diligently mention them in changelogs accompanied by migration hints or even guides before merging them into the stable master branch.

Content-based vs. time-based release strategy

Starting with MITK v2021.10, we switched back from a content-based release strategy to a time-based release schedule. Future releases can be expected every six months around April and October.

๐Ÿ›  Third-party dependency changes

NOTE: Here is the list of supported platforms for MITK v2021.10.

The following table shows a complete list of changed third-party dependencies.

DependencyOld versionNew version
DCMQI83f498e9 (Feb 8, 2021)1.2.4

๐Ÿ”ฅ API-breaking changes

The public API of the following classes changed since the last release. For details, follow the links to the corresponding changelogs that provide migration hints and guides.

The following modules were removed without replacement:

  • ๐Ÿ“‚ Utilities
    • IpFunc
    • IpPic
    • IpSegmentation

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