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MITK v2022.10
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NOTE: This is a release changelog. It is composed of a selected short list of highlights since the last release MITK v2022.04 - split into dedicated user and developer sections. See the past four changelogs starting from 2022 Week 28 (Mid July) for a comprehensive, developer-centric overview of changes.

News for MITK Workbench users

For MITK v2022.10, we focused mainly on segmentation again and we are already excited about your feedback on many improvements and a streamlined segmentation workflow.


  • New segmentation tools
    • The GrowCut tool is a semi-automatic 3-d tool based on rough and sparse paint strokes of foreground and background
    • The Lasso tool is a mixed polygonal and free-hand drawing tool with refinement options for corner points
    • The Close tool fills all holes of a connected label region
  • Improved intuitive behavior of Fill and Erase tools
  • Improved performance of Paint and Wipe tools
  • Improved many segmentation tools regarding different labels, layers, time steps, and undo/redo behavior.
  • Improved dialog window for creating or renaming labels
    • Name suggestions are now listed in a separate list
    • The position and size of the dialog window is now preserved
    • Double-click on suggested names to immediately select and apply name and color
  • Introduced new keyboard shortcuts for frequent actions. The shortcuts are key sequences of two keys each while the Ctrl key is pressed. First you press Ctrl+L (for label) and then Ctrl+<key> for the label action you want to execute:
    • Ctrl+L, N: New Label
    • Ctrl+L, R: Rename label (also: Alt + double click)
    • Ctrl+L, I: Iterate (read: select next label)
  • The user experience with the experimental, fully automatic, AI-based nnU-Net tool (only available on Linux) was improved


  • Improved first-time user experience by showing the View Navigator by default and introducing optional tips to the Welcome page, e. g. a mouse navigation primer and how to change image contrast with the level window
  • High-quality remeshing is back, based on the Approximated Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams (ACVD) algorithm
  • The pixel value information moved from the status bar to a dedicated plugin, also showing the name of the image of the queried pixel value
  • RAM usage is now reported more accurate on Linux and macOS
  • DICOM images with non-ASCII characters in filenames can now be loaded on Windows without any workarounds
  • Introduced the Turbo colormap - a rainbow colormap with exceptional homogeneity along its color gradient

Minimum required version of Ubuntu and Windows

  • We dropped support of Ubuntu 18.04. The minimum required version has been raised to Ubuntu 20.04
  • The minimum required version of Windows is now Windows 10 version 1903

๐Ÿ’” Known issues

  • The label highlight in the Segmentation View may get out of sync with the actual active label when changing the lock or visibility state of other labels. Workaround: Explicitly select the active label after changing visibility or lock states of other labels.
  • Registration Evaluator's swipe mode: When using the swipe mode to inspect the registration results, the swipe rendering is always one interaction behind. So it will be rendered with the position you clicked before the current crosshair position.

News for developers

Most of our work in the backend besides many fixes and improvements for the segmentation was dedicated to an ongoing clean-up and modernization effort as well as a general upgrade of our third-party dependencies.

MITK extensions

Doxygen now also parses MITK extension directories, allowing you to easily write and publish documentation and manuals for your extensions

๐Ÿ’” Known issues

  • Building MITK with Qt 5.15 on macOS results in a cursor offset during interaction with the render windows, for example with segmentation tools. Workaround: Build MITK with Qt 5.12.

๐Ÿ›  Third-party dependency changes

NOTE: Here is the list of supported platforms for MITK v2022.10.

The following table shows a complete list of changed third-party dependencies. Notable changes are:

  • We changed the download method of nearly all third-party dependencies from archive downloads to Git clones
  • We reverted the interim OpenMesh dependency to a recent version of ACVD, which is compatible with VTK 9 now
  • We replaced JsonCpp with JSON for Modern C++
DependencyOld versionNew version
ACVDe583e278 (Jun 27, 2022)
Boost1.78 beta1.80
CTK7210c5bc (Nov 8, 2020)ec816cbb (May 17, 2022)
JSON for Modern C++3.10.5
MatchPointf7699d1e (Apr 20, 2021)e63dfdbb (Apr 5, 2022)
OpenIGTLink3.0.0d4eaae93 (Aug 2, 2022)

๐Ÿ”ฅ API-breaking changes

For now, we discontinued the extensive listing of API-breaking changes as the vast majority of them are straight forward to resolve or do not affect the absolute majority of developers at all. The ratio between the time and effort spent for writing these reports and actual developer feedback turned out to be greatly imbalanced.

Complex or critical API changes will still be accompanied by migration guides.

In case you experience any trouble while migrating to the newest version of MITK, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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