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Rename all rendering properties
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First, we should discuss some naming issues. For instance, how do we call "binary images"? Maybe "Segmentation"?

According to the following name scheme:
-Image Rendering.Opacity
-Image Rendering.Window Level.Maximum
-Image Rendering.Color
-Surface Rendering.Color
-Volume Rendering.XYZ...

Affacted classes (not exhaustive):

Event Timeline

Very easy to fix. Very good for beginners.

We created a list of all Rendering properties and going to discuss to upcoming changes in the next meeting.


See also:

And T12140 which concerns itself with the automatic documentation of properties.

Personally I dislike the spaces. I would prefer:

Until #14257 is solved, we should not work on this bug.

Rendering properties naming has to be discussed

We cannot solve this until we have a solution for scene file loading of older properties.

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