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Need status of assignee: Volumerendering is very slow on Mac OS X
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The VolumeRendering on Mac OS X is very even if LOD is activated. If additional object are loaded the 3D window is nearly not usable

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Profiled the GPU volumerenderer with the OpenGL Profiler from the mac graphic tools. The profiler only gives a stackoverview of the called functions but not the corresponding runtime or where they are called. The statistics tools shows that all the runtime is spend during the rendering phase (CGLFlushDrawable). Right now we have no clue wheres's bootleneck.

Updating target milestone to upcoming release

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Updating target milestone to upcoming release

Is this Bug still relevant under Mac?
If just the GPU is too slow, we could try other methods of accelerating the volume rendering? Maybe downsample the image for rendering.

What is the status of this bug? Please change the target milestone to "AfterNextRelease" if this bug is not relevant or cannot be fixed in time for the 2013-06 release.

This bug could not be fixed for release 2013-06. Setting target milestone to next release

Markus, what is the status here? Can we close this or can you fix it for next release?

This can not be fixed. It seems to be an hardware driver issue. On the new macbook pro with a faster gpu everything worked fine. However, when disconnecting the macbook from a second monitor the rendering was a lot faster.