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Easy: Volumerendering GUI remains active after closing the project
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When closing the project while volumerendering is used, the volumerendering gui remains active. After opening a new image, all functions in the GUI can be used without any effect. The volume rendering isn't shown for this new image until it has been deactivated, the new image is selected in the data manager and the volumerendering is reactivated for this image.

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Easy to fix. Can be done by anyone for the next release.

New remote branch pushed: bug-15377-VolumerenderingGuiIsActiveAfterClosingProject

[0cf4cd]: Merge branch 'bug-15377-VolumerenderingGuiIsActiveAfterClosingProject'

Merged commits:

2014-01-15 16:04:45 Silvio Kolb [7b3331]
The gui is disabled now if the datanode is no more in the datamanager.