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Distinct tool names for 2d and 3d segmentation tools
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The 2d tools should not start with the same letter. Using the first letter a tool short cut is created which activates the tool if pressed. This does not work any more if the tools start with the same letter.

Same must be done for 3D.

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If a tool has a 2D and a 3D version the naming should be identical except the 2D or 3D suffix and a distinct prefix or highlighted letter of the name for keyboard shortcuts.

2D Version = "Region Growing"
3D Version = "Region Growing 3D"

2D version should be = "Region Growing 2D"

Additonally some tools now work with 2D and 3D images (Otsu, Watershed,...). The previous separation into "2D Tools"-tab and "3D Tools"-tab is not meaningful anymore.
This means we need some GUI redesign.