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Crash in destructor of the mitk::VolumeDataVtkMapper3D
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When de-initializing the VolumeDataVtkMapper3D a segmentation fault occurs in the destructor at line 184. This is due to an uninitialized vtkLODProp3D null pointer.
This could be a bug related to the migration to VTK 6.0

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The mapper is only used in the diffusion bundle and in tutorial step 3. It is desirable to set the VolumeDataVtkMapper3D deprecated, since there are other widely used and tested VolumeMapper available in MitkMapperExt.

However, for the tutorial step 3, one needs to register the MitkExt factory using the deprecated function RegisterOneFactory(). We now look for another possiblity to register MitkExt in order to use the MitkMapperExt-Volumenrendering.

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Mapper doesn't exist anymore.