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Depends: Remove VolumeDataVtkMapper3D
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The mapper may have been used in the diffusion bundle (still to discuss) and in tutorial step 3.

The mapper is neither really tested nor maintained nor used since multiple years.
Usually the GPUVolumeMapper3D mapper from the MitkMapperExt module is used.

Tutorial step 3 already works with the standard GPUVolumeMapper3D by simply adding a dependancy to the MitkIOExt module.

@ Jan, Caspar: Could you please comment on the usage of this Mapper in DiffusionIO/mitkQuantificationObjectFactory?

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The VolumeDataVtkMapper3D has the possibility to use Clipping Planes. This functionality in currently integrated into the GPUVolumeMapper3D by Jasmin.

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Currently there seems to be a bug, at least ROI generation does crash for me, additionally loading .roi images does not work with the test data on my machine.

Generally switching the mappers should not be a big problem, the ROI image is basically a MITK Image with some additional information about structures in the form of a list of points.

Did the crash turned up on the current master or on the bugbranch-17800 ?

The replacement of the old mapper in tutorial step 3 has been done in bug-17800-Remove-VolumeMapper3D along with the general deletion.

We could think about to just merge the modification for the tutorial step in the current master.

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