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mitkShaderRepository uses deprecated and to be deleted XML Shaders
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For a migration to VTK 6.1, we have to replace the XML shaders with vtkShader2.

more details:

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It is not easily possible to copy the vtkShader from 6.0.

proposed solution:

  • XMLShader parsing (vtkXMLMaterialParser, vtkXMLShader... ) will be imported to a new shader module in MITK and adapted to vtkShader2
  • Create a new superclass mitk::VtkShaderMapper integrating vtkShader2 support to generic mitk::VtkMappers. mitkSurfaceMapper3D will then inherit from this.

This new superclass enables usage of the above mentioned mitk::XMLShaderParser.

New remote branch pushed: bug-16900-CreateNewShaderModule

[6c7d14]: Merge branch 'bug-16900-CreateNewShaderModule'

Merged commits:

2014-03-11 15:55:10 Marco Nolden [a27a12]
COMP: removed unused private member