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Create a geometry modification interactor and a plugin to apply the interactor
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We have lots of interactors to modify geometry, however, they are either very old or specialized for a certain task. This bug is used to create/rework an interactor for generic geometry modification. Also a plugin should be added to make use of it.

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I added the following line to Core\Code\CMakeLists.txt and therefore need a core change request:


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Could you verify my new bug title please?

This bug was intended to (re)-write an interactor to modify geometry and make it accessible via a plugin for the user.

Based on the existing AffineDataInteractor3D and MoveBaseDataInteractor I wrote a new AffineDataInteractor3D. The former AffineDataInteractor3D is specialized for clipping planes and offers deformation which is not affine by definition. Hence, I renamed it to ClippingPlaneInteractor3D. With the help of Christian I used the new interaction framework for the new AffineDataInteractor3D.

Currently, the new AffineDataInteractor3D is located in DataTypesExt like the old one (now ClippingPlaneInteractor3D). We can discuss if this interactor should be part of the Core, but since the feature is rather experimental I would not rush for that.

I also wrote a plugin, called geometrytools, to try the interactor.

The Core was not modified in this bug except for one header include added to the Core\Code\CMakeLists.txt.

[def5d4]: Merge branch 'bug-18508-GeoToolsIntegration'

Merged commits:

2014-12-22 14:43:44 Thomas Kilgus [9ac42e]
Cleaning up for first master merge.

2014-12-22 14:05:09 Thomas Kilgus [191387]
Merge branch 'bug-18508-AffineInteractor' into bug-18508-GeoToolsIntegration

2014-12-22 14:04:55 Thomas Kilgus [9db3c1]
New affine interactor.

2014-12-22 13:46:55 Thomas Kilgus [f2949a]
Renamed AffineDataInteractor3D to ClippingPlaneInteractor3D.

The old affine interactor was specialized on vtkPolyData and offered deformation, which is not affine according to math definition.

2014-12-03 13:37:23 Thomas Kilgus [bd080f]
Rotation and translation works with base data, scaling not with images. Added usage information.

2014-11-28 19:05:19 Thomas Kilgus [2a7568]
First version of the Interactor and Plugin.

Translation works with hot keys. Rotation and scaling work in principle. Images cannot be picked.

2014-11-28 12:49:28 Thomas Kilgus [351a79]
Color properties for the affine interactor.

Well its a feature. Check it out yourself in the plugin org.mitk.gui.qt.geometrytools. I wanted to add a little bit more stuff, but I am still not sure how to do it.

There are different interactors which handle affine base data interactions. We want to combine every asset into one AffineBaseDataInteractor3D for mouse and key interaction.

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Passing to Jasmin. We will try to finish this today :)!

[1fccae]: Merge branch 'bug-18508-CombineDifferentAffineInteractorIntoOne'

Merged commits:

2015-08-19 16:18:48 Thomas Kilgus [3650db]
Fixed rotation and translation in mouse mode. Rotation mode crashes for images.

2015-08-19 16:18:16 Thomas Kilgus [829bc5]
Cosmetic fixes.

2015-08-19 14:00:02 Thomas Kilgus [4a24d2]
Added docu for colors and picking.

2015-08-12 18:11:41 Thomas Kilgus [d29077]
Documentation and cosmetic fixes.

2015-08-12 17:24:44 Thomas Kilgus [d80abb]
Fixed OpSCALE to work with the new scale operation.

2015-08-12 17:22:12 Thomas Kilgus [934ed3]
New scale operation and gui adaptions.

2015-08-06 10:39:06 Thomas Kilgus [3e4fc8]
Version where center of mass is almost working correctly.

WIP: Rotation around points works, but scaling still doesnt.

2015-07-15 14:12:18 Jasmin Metzger [649013]
Replaced the AffineDataInteractor3D with the new AffineBaseDataInteractor.

2015-07-15 14:08:55 Jasmin Metzger [770e38]
Add the functionality to handle also mouse events to the affine interaction xml files. Now we have two config files. One for handling mouse events and one for key events.

2015-07-15 14:03:17 Jasmin Metzger [05afa3]
Renamed the AffineDataInteractor3D to AffineBaseDataInteractor3D. This the new interactor for all affine interaction with base data.

[9f3384]: Merge branch 'bug-18508-FixTest'

Merged commits:

2015-08-19 16:45:57 Thomas Kilgus [6c4b4e]
COMP: Fixed base geometrytest.

Last todo's are:
-Scaling in mouse mode
-Fix crash of the rotation with images in mouse mode

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