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Scroll mode in PACS like mouse interaction not re-enabled after using segmentation tool
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To reproduce:
enable PACS like mouse interaction and switch to scroll mode

  1. create segmentation e.g. with Region Growing tool
  2. disable Region Growing tool
  3. scroll mode stays disabled; instead "normal" scrolling without pressing mouse button is enabled.

Problem occurred with release-installer rd6b425 on Mac OS X 10.9.5

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kalali added a subscriber: kalali.

I can not reproduce this.
After having deselected the Region Growing tool, I can use the left mouse button and move the mouse to scroll through the slices. "Normal" scrolling (does this mean scrolling using the mouse wheel?) does not work. Notice that you can always scroll by pressing the middle mouse and moving the mouse (regardless of the selected PACS mode).
However, in T26486 I changed the PACS mode such that you can always scroll through the slices using the mouse wheel (regardless of the selected PACS mode). The special PACS scroll mode still works for fast scrolling (left mouse button and mouse moving).