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PACS mouse mode does not allow scrolling with mouse wheel
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In order to move through image slices using the PACS mode the user has to press the mouse wheel and move the mouse. This does not allow a fine scrolling.
Users told us that this is not the expected PACS mouse mode for scrolling. They are expecting to simply use the mouse wheel turn

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According to Nina this is kind of a dealbreaker for her and really slows her down. I would give this one a high priority in BlackSwan context.

Ok but the simple solution would be to re-enable the MITK mouse mode.
This task is more of a general discussion how the PACS mode should work, according to common PACSes.

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This task / branch was never merged into master.
For reasons of cleanliness I will open a new branch / differential containing just the changes related to this task such that we can merge the new branch into develop and close this task.
@s434n will help me evaluate the relevance / validity of the changes.

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We decided to talk to @nolden, @metzger or @reicht to learn more about the typical behavior of PACS scrolling. Could you help us here?
Two general questions:

  • in MITK you have to press the wheel and move the mouse to scroll through image slices
    • with this task / differential we change this behavior to simply use the mouse wheel to scroll through image slices
    • what is the typically expected PACS behavior?
  • in MITK the MITK interaction scheme does not allow scrolling from the last slice to the first slice (wrap-around)
    • with this task / differential we change this behavior to wrap-around the slice limits for the PACS mode
    • what is the typically expected PACS behavior?
kalali lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Wed, Sep 8, 3:42 PM