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PythonQt is missing generated files for Qt5.5
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CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:294 (add_library):

Cannot find source file:


there seems to be a script to generate them.

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Fixed the CMakeLists.txt of the PythonQT project to support higher versions and created a pull request:

This is not relevant for the 2016.03 release as we do not support Qt 5.5. anway.

As I see, PR 36 has been superseded by PR 39 which has been merged to master in commontk/PythonQt.

So, bug-19240-python-qt55 and a PythonQt upgrade should make MITK 2016.03.0 fully work with Qt 5.5, right?

I am asking this just because we can apply these changes easily on our fork, and then we could upgrade our build machines from Qt 4 directly to Qt 5.5, skipping 5.4.


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