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Fiberfox crashes when adding a planar figure
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How to reproduce:

  1. Use the 'Signal Generation' tab in the 'Synthetic Data' workflow to generate a dummy image
  2. Go to the first tab ('Fiber Definition') and click the circle to add the first ROI in the data --> immediate crash!

Reason: it happens in the itk::Object::AddObserver called by the QmitkSegmentationView::NodeAdded ( which is messaged by the EmitAddNodeEvent but probably not loaded ).

Event Timeline

actual master (1aac94dc16abbc1ff5b54a4cafd61afd788bbfa5)
works visibly, but gives many gl-Errors, and sometimes a 'soft' crash
(see screenshot)

I observed these gl-Errors ONLY IF bundle is set to be visible.

Visibility or even existence of the fiducials (which are planar figures)
does not seem to produce errors.

Many times this error:

2454:#33.703# [VtkError] ERROR: ERROR: In /home/mhettich/MITKsuperbitch/ep/src/VTK/Rendering/OpenGL/vtkOpenGLProperty.cxx, line 646
2455:vtkOpenGLProperty (0x5b57c90): failed after Render 1 OpenGL errors detected
2456: 0 : (1281) Invalid value


243:#8.367# [VtkError] ERROR: ERROR: In /home/mhettich/MITKsuperbitch/ep/src/VTK/Rendering/OpenGL/vtkShader2.cxx, line 82
244:vtkShader2 (0x4a9fd10): failed at glDeleteShader 1 OpenGL errors detected
245: 0 : (1281) Invalid value
246:#8.367# [VtkError] ERROR: ERROR: In /home/mhettich/MITKsuperbitch/ep/src/VTK/Rendering/OpenGL/vtkShaderProgram2.cxx, line 103
247:vtkShaderProgram2 (0x3155fe0): failed at glDeleteProgram 1 OpenGL errors detected
248: 0 : (1281) Invalid value

Once and soft-crashing:

420:#9.653# ERROR: An error occurred: deque::_M_range_check

Invalid since 18167 was reverted.

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