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Replace deprecated mitkExtractImageFilter in PlanarFigureMaskGenerator
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Warning in ImageStatistics module:

14.08 core.mod.imgExtraction.extractImgFlt WARNING: Class ExtractImageFilter is
deprecated! Use ExtractSliceFilter instead.

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Also replace in

  • Modules\DiffusionImaging\DiffusionCore\src\Algorithms\mitkPartialVolumeAnalysisHistogramCalculator.cpp
  • Modules\Segmentation\Interactions\mitkSegTool2D.cpp
  • Segmentation\Testing\mitkOverwriteSliceImageFilterTest.cpp
hentsch raised the priority of this task from Low to Normal.Nov 16 2017, 8:54 AM

Talked with @kislinsk: ExtractImageFilter is currently under construction. Will leave this issue alone until finished.

@kislinsk Thanks! But is it a good idea to name the filter mitk::ExtractSliceFilter2? ;)

Yes, it was thoroughly thought through. No, really.