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Save nrrd segmentation as DICOM
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It would be nice for the demo to save previous generated segmentations (nrrd) based on DICOM images as well as DICOM SEG objects.

Use case:

  • Add a DICOM image and a previous generated segmentation to the data storage
  • Make the segmentation a child node of the DICOM image
  • All properties should be added, if the segmentation is based on the dicom image (check this!!)

Steps to go:

  • Check if segmentation child node is really a child node (image size,...)
  • Add all relevant DICOM SEG properties by using the helper class

Mail to Andre abot that context:
Property-Liste der BaseData:
Zeile 40-55: Zuweisung von DICOM Seg Tags an die Property-Liste der BaseData
Zeile 59-93: Übernahme von DICOM Tags (Patienteninformationen, etc) des DICOM Referenzbild
Zeile 98-100: Speichern des file path des Referenz DICOMs
Property-Liste der Labels:
138-147: DICOM Seg spezifische Tags (Algorithmus,etc)
152-207: Snomed Klassifizierung der Struktur, die segmentiert wurde"

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