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time function for segmentation tasks of 2d/3d+t data
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Dear MITK-team,
cardiac segmentation requires not only spacial but also temporal consistency. Therefore the whole cardiac cycle has to be reviewed several times for each 2d slice. A keyboard short to move through time, preferable from the current time instance (tx) - through the whole cardiac cycle - back to the initial time instance (tx), would not only increase segmentation quality and time efficiency, but also put MITK, in the perspective, on one level with commercial segmentation tools, specialized on cardiovascular segmentation tasks.
I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.

Event Timeline

  • Check for plugins that may be affected by time changes
  • Check movie maker for performance of quickly changing time steps (especially with the point above in mind)
  • Check the preferences page for key stroke assignment (Global Interactor?)

@kahl : If you work on a task (e.g. this one; thank you!) please claim it, that everyone sees that you are assigned. If you have stopped working on the task, its fine in its unassigned state.

kislinsk triaged this task as Wishlist priority.

Autorepeat was enabled in time step cycle, it works with the arrows and with F10 (when running the whole loop).

It still crashes when pressing F10.

kislinsk added subscribers: tsvetkov, menjivar.

@tsvetkov is currently working on this task. Did you guys coordinate? :-)

The single-step increase/decrease feature is in the beta branch now. I'll create subtasks for remaining TODOs.

I closed the remaining TODOs because of ordering priorities in MITK tasks. The most important feature here is implemented and in beta branch.