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Define ground truth
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How can we ensure that the statistics are correct?

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kraeuter created this task.

I`m trying to understand how everything is calculated and having created 3x3 pixel test images I can calculate the ground truth by hand.
So far no problems, but after calculating I like to check if my numbers and the ones in the GUI are at least somewhat similiar.

I found that more often than not the median is not a whole number even though it should be, I have an image with nine pixels, so the median, shouldn`t have to combine different values or calculate anything, but still I get a number with digits after the deciaml point. Any idea, why?

Another thing I´m not quite sure about is the usage of a multilabel mask in combination with any image. The statistics plugin only takes the pixels inside the first label for calculation and ignores the ones after. Is it supposed to work like this?

hentsch claimed this task.