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Refactor functions to create new (empty) segmentations
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More and more use cases are defined, where a new (possibly empty) segmentation is needed without using the (MultiLabel-)Segmentation plugins / tools.
In order to guarantee a consistent way of generating segmentation data and segmentation nodes, I propose to gather the different methods of creating a segmentation and put them in a separate file.

Current status:

  • QmitkNewSegmentationDialog is used in
    • QmitkCreateMultiLabelSegmentationAction, QmitkMultiLabelSegmentationView and QmitkSegmentationView to generate a new segmentation on user click
    • QmitkLabelSetWidget to rename an existing segmentation

In the MultiLabel classes a plain new DataNode and LabelSetImage are initialized, filled with required information and added to the data storage. In the simple Segmentation class mitkTool is used to create a new empty segmentation.
Here, much more information (properties) are generated by default and a different way of segmentation-initialization is used.
However, I can't seem to find a reason for the functions 'CreateEmptySegmentationNode' and 'CreateSegmentationNode' being put into the mitkTool-class.

So I'd like to create a new file that contains the Create... functions and clean the process of creating new segmentations (including checking relevant properties).

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