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[Segmentation] Multilable label name dialoge on label creation is a UX problem
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Discussion point: I think the prompting of the label name dialog when creating a label is in most cases annoying. May be it is better to start with a default name (may be even allow to set it in the preferences) instead of always prompting a dialog.
As one can change the name of labels in the label manager nothing is lost and if the use doesn't like the default name change it willingly.

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kalali added a subscriber: kalali.Aug 14 2020, 5:57 PM

+1 and I'm also not sure why a Layer needs to have a name. I can't see it anywhere and if the name is used somewhere, the same discussion as for the labels might be needed for layers.

Layers don't have names. The plugin is only asking for label names which are important of course. For a new segmentation there are two dialogs: for the segmentation name, and for the fist label name + color. I think it evolved from the UI pattern of the old segmentation plugin and I agree that the label dialog should be omitted. A "New label <i>" could be added to the label widget instead and we should probably improve this widget so a double click on the name opens an in-place editor for the name string instead of requiring the user to right click -> Rename... -> Dialog. Color editor already works this way.

You're right, I was mistakenly reading the dialog that shows up when you create a new layer for a layer name dialog.