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[Segmentation] Remove plugin redundancy with MultiLabelSegmentation
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MITK offers two fundamental plugins, the org.mitk.gui.qt.segmentation-plugin and the org.mitk.gui.qt.multilabelsegmentation-plugin.
Both plugins provide two views, one for the segmentation-functionality (tools etc.) and one for the utilities. Both also provide a definition of a properties page. A lot of the code inside the multilabelsegmentation-plugin was just copied from the segmentation-plugin.
The multilabelsegmentation-plugin also uses many UI-elements from the SegmentationUI-module.

Maintaining two plugins that are similar reveals a faulty design decision. We already experience to do twice the work to get both plugins working. I suggest to discuss this, talk about the (dis-)advantages and define next steps to remove code redundancy for these two plugins.

It might make sense to also keep {T23602}, {T26506}, T27807: [MultiLabel Segmentation] Inspection of module and plugin and T28118: Refactoring of SegTool2D in mind.

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