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[MultiLabel Segmentation] Create segmentation action always creates a dynamic segmentation
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The class QmitkCreateMultiLabelSegmentationAction provides a function "Run" that performs the action - which is to create a new multilabel segmentation out of a given reference image. While working on T28142: [Segmentation] Remove plugin redundancy with MultiLabelSegmentation and T26396: [Segmentation] Refactor functions to create new (empty) segmentations I realized that the function does not distinguish between static and dynamic segmentations (as it is typically done when creating a new segmentation using the "New" button in the (MultiLabel) Segmentation plugin view).
It always creates a dynamic segmentation, taking the original reference image into account.

Currently I'm not sure where this class is actually used.

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I added a fix for this by using the same approach as in the segmentation view.
However, the reason for this class is unclear to me: It is only used for the data manager context menu and allows to quickly create a new, empty segmentation child node. It's basically the same as clicking the button in the segmentation view so for me it doesn't add anything and could be removed.

kalali edited projects, added MITK, Next Milestone; removed MITK (v2022.04).

We don't want to rush things so this will be postponed and worked on after the 2022.04 release.

The fix was updated and landed onto develop. I will close this now but the question remains in which scenario this datamanager-contextmenu entry / action could be relevant - I don't see any need for this.