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MatchPoint Registration Manipulator Segmentation Fault
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MatchPoint Registration Manipulator in the 2018-4 release (installer MITK-v2018.04.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 13-Mar-2019 12:48 163M ) reliably gives segmentation faults.
Here is how to reproduce:

  1. Load an image and a segmentation (mine has 7 labels (uint8)
  2. Click on Registration -> MatchPoint Registration Manipulator (top right corner)
  3. select image and label in data manager
  4. click Start manual Registration


PS: Ubuntu 19.04

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  1. Does it work if you select two normal images (not segmentations)?
  2. Does the seg fault also happens if you use the Registration Evaluator plugin with the image and the segmentation?
  3. Could you provied example data, please?
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I assume that it is the same error then reported in T27444. If it is not gone after the fix: please, reopen and provide more information.