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[Image statistics] Discuss Histogram with respect to the new multi node selection
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The new multi node selection functionality (see T26269: [image statistics plugin] refactor to use new node selection widget uses QRunnables to compute multiple statistics.
If the histogram should be updated (e.g bin-size change), it is not clear which data has to be update. Should QRunnables be started for each image-mask pair to update the data accordingly?

This leads to the question if the histogram functionality should be put into an own plugin. This would also be part of the discussion around {T24323} and {T24324}.

I personally prefer the idea of having multiple plugins that have their individual, single responsibility. This would also reduce the complexity of QmitkImageStatisticsView.

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Thats right. I see all 3 tasks T24323, T24324 and T27032 as facets of one problem complex.

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