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[Segmentation] Rework InterpolationWidget to not depend on data manager view directly
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Currently the SegmentationView offers the possiblility to show position nodes in the data manager to allow users to jump to certain base segmentations of the interpolation (see i.a. QmitkSegmentationView::OnContourMarkerSelected).

Problem: This feature depends on the availability of the data manager view or at least blue berry selections send arround. This might not be the case.

Possible solution:

  • Provide the segmentation view or the interpolation widget direclty with an data storage inspector
  • use a predicate for this inspector (that is changed if the segmentation node changes) that monitors for all position nodes of the current segmentation node)
  • Then positions can be selected directly there if needed.
  • Remove the old QmitkSegmentationView::OnSelectionChanged(berry::IWorkbenchPart::Pointer /*part*/, const QList<mitk::DataNode::Pointer>& nodes) code that is responsible for the old solution
  • Check MultilableSeg for the same.

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Is this a feature that is widely used? Typically the position nodes are not visible, only if they are explicitly shown by changing the data manager's preferences.
But I like the idea of being able to jump to different slices of a segmentation, regardless of the interpolation. I see this as a possibility to check the different parts of a segmentation easily and quickly being able to switch between different "parts" of a segmentation.

However, I tried to do this with different time steps of a 4D image and - not to my surprise - did not work correctly. A position node for t != 0 was not added and if the time slider was set to t != 0 I could not jump to the segmentation parts that were added on t = 0.

So I'm in favor of making this functionality work and placing it more prominently in the view.

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The current solution was never meant as a user interface but only for saving slice positions in scene files. However, it turned out that it is quite handy to jump to drawn contours with a simple click so we should probably move the list of positions into the segmentation view itself if needed.

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