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[Segmentation] Interpolation nodes / position nodes are not correctly hidden
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To reproduce this bug:

  • start segmentation of an image
  • activate 3D interpolation
  • activate "Show Position Nodes"
  • deactivate interpolation again

... then the position nodes are still visible in the data manager

Bug was found with a windows compile of the release branch (releases/2018-04) in december 2019 (hash: 0f8a56ccc4bf07f86112f4b4c4e2ff1f733dd9d4).

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Nodes should not be removed but hidden.

I can verify this behavior. Also, if you close the segmentation view while the position nodes are shown, they stay visible.
If you open the segmentation view again and select the 3-Dimensional interpolation, the position nods are still shown, although the checkbox is not checked.
Checking it and unchecking it will hide the position nodes again.

This can be fixed when working on T27060: [Segmentation] Rework InterpolationWidget to not depend on data manager view directly.

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