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Clang format style for * and & at variables
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Currently our clang format file seems to enforce

type *name

while most of our code base is

type* name

this generates a lot of code noise in diffs if using features in VS2019 to auto format directly.

Further I think the style in the code base

type* name

makes more sense nowadays, because I would put the priority on method signatures and not on c-ish data definitions.

Want to discuss and clarify it.

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Agree, but I also recommend to disable the auto-formatting in VS2019, as we had quite some inconsistencies in the past with it. When we agreed on a final clang-format, we should apply it to the whole code base (master) and after that look into reenabling the feature in VS2019.

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We should meet and discuss about conventions in detail, before we apply a repository wide reformat. @nolden @kalali @floca

Marco's suggestion: Try with master branch first and then decide if we apply for big topic branches.

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there is a DerivePointerAlignment option which basically unifies it on a file by file basis, in case there is no agreement. But I agree to Ralf with using the "left" style and put it next to the type