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Help link (pressing F1) is partially broken
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For several views (e.g. all registration views, log view, property view...) pressing F1 to show the help does not work any more.

The documents are still there as I can show them in the HELP perspective when I select them. For whatever reason I think the short cut links are broken.

E.g. MatchPoint Algorithm Executor help can be found under the link

but F1 searches for

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TLDR: Basically one needs to check if the plugin-id is the same as the page-identifier inside the *.dox-file. Looking at the Registration-plugins it is clear why these are not working.

I tried it with MITK 2018.4.2 and everything seems to work.
And I can confirm that the help for e.g. the log does not work with a recent develop branch.

I can fix this by doing the following inside the Plugins\org.blueberry.ui.qt.log\documentation\UserManual\blueberrylogview.dox:

-\page org_blueberry_ui_qt_log The Logging Plugin
+\page org_blueberry_views_logview The Logging Plugin

The new page name has the same identifier as the view in MITK\src\Plugins\org.blueberry.ui.qt.log\plugin.xml


Looking at different html-filenames inside I found out the following:
There is a mix-up between plugins / views / editors that are identified with org_mitk_gui_qt_ (e.g. DICOM Inspector) and org_mitk_views_ (e.g. The Image Navigator). Both help-pages can be shown inside the workbench pressing F1.
Looking at the relevant files I see:

\page org_mitk_gui_qt_dicominspector DICOM Inspector


<view id="org.mitk.gui.qt.dicominspector"



\page org_mitk_views_imagenavigator The Image Navigator


<view id="org.mitk.views.imagenavigator"

So looking at a help-page that is not working (e.g. MITK DICOM Browser), we'll see the following:

\page org_mitk_gui_qt_dicom The Dicom Plugin



Changing the help-page identifier to

-\page org_mitk_gui_qt_dicom The Dicom Plugin
+\page org_mitk_editors_dicomeditor The Dicom Plugin

fixes the bug.

PS: There is no documentation-page for properties.

Cool. Thanks for the explanation. Did you also look into the identifiers in v2018.04.2? I wonder wether some identifiers were changed since then or the code that generates the link to the help page.

No I did not check that and currently I don't know why it worked before.

These are views that have non-standard view IDs (not beginning with "org.mitk.views"):

  • QmitkCESTNormalizeView.cpp
  • CommandLineModulesViewConstants.cpp
  • QmitkDicomInspectorView.cpp
  • FitGeneratorDemoView.cpp
  • GenericDataFittingView.cpp
  • ModelFitInspectorView.cpp
  • PerfusionCurveDescriptionParameterView.cpp
  • ConcentrationCurveConverterView.cpp
  • MRPerfusionView.cpp
  • PETDynamicView.cpp
  • PerfusionDataSimulationView.cpp
  • MatchPointBrowserConstants.cpp

When fixing these IDs make sure to also change them in the corresponding plugin.xml file and in any \page links in the documentation.

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