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US DICOM images are read as 3D volume
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Loading Philipps movies and Canon movies (see test data provided by super task T27554) can be read without error. However, they are displayed as a 3D volume (which sort of is correct).

Note: The provided data could not be correctly time resolved as all slices have the same AcquesitionDateTime and nothing to differentiate like trigger time. There is also no geometry information (spacing, frame of reference, origin; !) so MITK IO cannot detact that it should split into different time points. Thus all slices are stacked according to there instance number.

If we would want to load such a data as 2D+t we would at least need a new reader (that splits by instance number and ignores the fact that there is no timing information, but how to construct the time geometry?!?).

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@kleesiek Is it realy temporal resolved (what would be the resolution?) or is it a b scan an therefore more like a volume? Did you anonymize the data somehow, that might thrown away to much geometry information or so?

  • data is taken as is (see also comment to T27568)
  • I'd say the probably correct description would be 2D-Realtime B-Mode where images are made at a constant frame rate (20 fps in the case of the Canon video). If you consider moving the transducer over the body it not necessarily results in a 3D image, more 2D+t - if you keep the transducer at a fixed spot and e.g. only tilt the tranducer, it is more 3D like.
  • I am not aware that there are sensors in the transducer that would give us its position and orientation in space
  • Is e.g. a "Play" button for the z-dimension a possible solution?