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Dicom loading does not work for some 4D data with the latest installer
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A 4D dicom could not be loaded on a recent installer (develop) given to a collaboration partner.
After drag and drop, the normal qt pop-up asking to select a reader appeared.

Thereafter, there is no output information shown in the console (normally there would be information given on how many blocks, spacing etc)
The progress bar on the Workbench stops at 0% and the application freezes. The user closed the application after ~10 minutes.

On my laptop, however, the 4D dicom was loaded after roughly one minute and console Information appeared directly after the reader was chosen.

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thomass triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 2 2020, 7:47 AM
thomass created this task.

Some additional questions:

  • Was your laptop used to build the binaries? If yes, could you check, if yuo can produce the error behavior if you pick a non-mitk-developer maschine and try to load the data there?
  • How many frames does the 4D Dicom have? What is its resolution?

I just received an E-Mail that the problem could be related to the data source (some server or network drive) so maybe no MITK issue after all :)

@thomass could you check if the problem was realy just cuased by slow network drive and is solved. If this is the case, could you close the task? If the problem still exists, may be the issue solved by Stefan is a solution.

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