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DICOM Query/Retrieve doesn't work at least in Ubuntu release installers
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Someone wrote:

found out the problem with regards to MITK not doing query/retrieve to dicom server in Ubuntu. My dcmtk version did not have a dictionary, so you have to download put it in a folder (e.g. /opt/dcmtk/dicom.dic) and then make sure to add export DCMDICTPATH=/opt/dcmtk/dicom.dic in your .bashrc

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kislinsk created this task.

The missing DCMTK dictionary in Linux and macOS installers seems to be the actual issue for some other tickets as well. We recently experienced this again with DICOM files from @s429r. Loading works on Windows in both build and installer versions, but only in build versions on Linux and macOS.

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Verified on macOS. I downloaded the dictionary and exported DCMDICTPATH. The MITK Workbench was able to load the DICOM files correctly afterwards. 🎉

Everything you need to know about the DICOM dictionaries and how DCMTK is handling them is described here:

I quote:

By default, DCMTK uses an external data dictionary on Posix systems (Linux, Mac OS X, etc.) while a built-in dictionary is used on Windows systems. How these defaults can be changed or how both approaches can even be combined is further explained below.

I vote for the most straight forward option to also use built-in dictionaries on Linux and macOS. Related CMake variables are:


Deleted branch bugfix/T26164-AlwaysUseDCMTKBuiltInDICOMDictionaries.

Let's see if the Nightly installers tomorrow morning are able to load Sarah's DICOM files. 🤞

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Mixed feelings here: On one hand I'm happy that we, with a single trivial line of CMake code, finally fixed a decade old severe issue we had in MITK without really noticing it causing quite some inconvenience for our users and we were not able to reproduce it over the years. Maybe we even lost some users right before they actually used MITK because "it cannot open my DICOM files". On the other hand, we fixed a decade old severe issue with a single line of CMake code.

I guess most if not all of the linked tasks are resolved as well.

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I would see it positiv. No sense crying over spilt milk. Thanks for solving that problem!