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[Multilabel Segmentation] Inconsistencies and unclear functionality in operations of Utilities view
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Both utility widgets QmitkSurfaceToImageWidget and QmitkImageMaskingWidget provide additional options to define the resulting output image.
Inside QmitkImageMaskingWidget::MaskImage the options are supposed to be used but the code is commented.
Inside QmitkSurfaceToImageWidget the options are used but here the idea is unclear. It might be worth writing down the original intention and see if the UI can be improved to make it easy for the end-user to understand the different options.

Also: The QmitkImageMaskingWidget does not enable / disable the options as QmitkSurfaceToImageWidget does and the "Mask"-button should be at the bottom below the options, as in QmitkSurfaceToImageWidget.

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With {D744 } being landed we need to check if this also applies for the single remaining Segmentation Utilities view.

The way the masking is done inside the QmitkImageMaskingWidget of the segmentation-plugin is different but it works as expected and is easy to understand.
As written in the task description the QmitkImageMaskingWidget of the multilabelsegmentation-plugin provided different options, but they were not used so I think we are safe here.

Concerning the QmitkSurfaceToImageWidget: Please someone explain what the use-case is (after you tested it). For me the conversion is either useless or worded wrongly. I remember that I updated the description of the utilities in the F1-help page and also there I wrote that the goal is to create a segmentation in the form of the surface, given the image geometry information. But then the name is wrong and still, why do we need this?
In D744 the MultiLabel utilities have been removed. The QmitkSurfaceToImageWidget multilabelsegmentation-plugin provided more options (overwriting background and making the resulting segmentation binary) but I don't think that we need this. So I think we are safe here as well and this task can be closed.

Will be resolved/obsolete with current utilitie rework-