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Refactor and extend LevelWindow unit tests
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According to T26988, the LevelWindow checklist does not look at specific values. Such a test can usually be implemented as a unit test.
We have some LevelWindow unit tests, however, they seem to be old, unused or incomplete.
In order to have a better and consistent test set, the test should be merged, refactored and extended.

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Most of the functions that can be called from the QmitkLevelWindowWidget (meaning the slider, the line edit and the contextmenu) are covered in mitkLevelWindowTest.
However, the LevelWindowManager tests where outdated and suboptimal, so I opened T28204.

We can discuss if we want to add some pseudo-UI tests for the mentioned slider, line edit and the contextmenu inside the QtWidgets module (see Modules\QtWidgets\test).

I found several reasons to do a pseudo-UI test so I will come up with a draft for a test of the relevant classes.

kalali lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.
kalali edited projects, added MITK; removed MITK (v2021.02).