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Doxygen is not generated correctly.
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After changing the help pages of QmitkPointBasedRegistration the new help pages are not shown correctly anymore. Mostly the old images were shown instead of the new ones, but the new text is shown. Unfortunately the complete old version of the manual is shown directly beneath the new one. This applies for the external Documentation on as well as for the internal one. The documentation can be found in "Related Pages" -> "The Point Based Registration Functionallity".

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Work in progress? Doxygen pages are still not shown correctly.

@sascha: do you think this will be solved with T2977 ?

T2977 is actually not related to the nightly doxygen generation. The clients MITK_INTERNAL_DOCUMENTATION and MITK_PUBLIC_DOCUMENTATION on mbits fail to build since 22nd of October, because of Qt being too old (version 4.4.3, but 4.5 is needed). Sorry, did not realize this earlier.

Actually, the documentation should not by synchronized if the build fails, but something seems to be going wrong here.

An update to Qt 4.5 on mbits would probably solve this problem.

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@Marco please see comment #3

answer in pmail.

I just rebuilt the internal documentation, but http://mbits/doxygen/QmitkPointBasedRegistrationUserManual.html looks the same. Maybe there is an error in your .dox files?

There is no "The Point Based Registration
Functionallity" related page.

I recently changed the name from Functionallity to Module. I also just changed the text and images, I did not copy the text or something like that so that it could be listed twice. Is there any other possibility why the old version is added at the bottom, what kind of an error within the .dox file could that be?

Today I deleted all old images from all three registration modules which are not necessary anymore, so at least tomorrow there should be no old images within the manual anymore.

Maybe the old version is taken from the QT3 deprecated folder?

[SVN revision 20259]
FIX (#2836): removed deprecated folder, it breaks some doxygen features

The deprecated folders are all excluded in the doxygen.conf file.

But in your org.mitk.gui.qt.pointbasedregistration bundle, there are two UserManual directories, in documentation and resources. That is the reason for your strange html docs...